Latinas of Vision

Latinas of Vision (LOV) is a program for middle and high school youth and serve as entry points for young Latinas and their families seeking to make change in their communities. For COLOR, our education programming serves to uplift and inform our advocacy work. These two programmatic areas are used to engage and develop new leaders in the struggle for reproductive justice. COLOR serves a critical niche within our community as well as on the national scene; we are a Latina-led and Latina-serving organization seeking not only to educate our community about their bodies, but also about how individuals can make a change in their community through a reproductive justice framework.

Through our Latinas of Vision (LOV) program, we educate our young people about comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) - which addresses both abstinence and age-appropriate, medically accurate, culturally proficient information about contraception. Our comprehensive sex education curriculum is developmentally appropriate, introducing information on relationships, decision-making, assertiveness, and skill building, and has strong evidence to support the efficacy of CSE.

Each summer, we host a month long LOV program for our Hermanitas (ages 12-14) and older youth (ages 15-18).

Our young Hermanitas learn about self-esteem, their bodies, as well as the natural changes and feelings that they are experiencing. Whereas our older youth, focus on sex and sexuality, healthy relationships, healthy body image, and nutrition.

Do you want to learn more? Read a blog by Gianella, a 12 year old who attended Hermanitas last summer.


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