My Abortion Story as a 22 year-old Newly-wed Student

Sitting in the bathroom seeing the little plus sign on the pregnancy test... my heart sank. Being a 22-year-old newlywed, college student living on less than minimum wage, I was not ready for this. I remember calling my husband over and telling him what the results were, telling him that I was making the decision to have an abortion and his reaction of just holding me close and telling me that he would support any decision I made and that we were going to go through this together. I realize now that even though my decision wasn't hard for me to make, it was hard for me to deal with. Having had a very catholic upbringing, I felt a twinge of guilt making this decision even though I am an atheist and I was so worried about how my family would react if/when I told them. When I told my family nothing changed, they didn't love me less or think less of me, they were able to understand that that was the decision I needed to make and like with everything else I do they supported me 100%. Once I was able to really grasp the whole situation it got me thinking of how thankful I was to have a support system there for me to tell me that this decision is just that: a decision. Now, when I think back on the decision I made I don't feel guilty but I do feel extremely grateful to have had made the decision to get an abortion and to have such a supportive group of people behind me.

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