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Colorado needs the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA)!

The time is now – we must pass the Reproductive Health Equity Act!

On February 24th, abortion rights supporters, including patients, providers, and advocates, testified in opposition to three anti-abortion bills heard in the Colorado House of Representatives Health and Insurance Committee. These bills represent over 45 attempts to ban or restrict abortion since 2008. But our community showed up and with their support, these three bills were defeated

Access to abortion must be equitable and available for all who need it — when they need it, wherever they need it — without shame or stigma.

Sign our petition to add your name to #PassRHEANow!

For decades, restrictions on abortions have caused suffering in the United States, especially for poor women, women of color, and young people. These relentless and systemic attacks on our rights are only going to continue. The time is now for abortion to be liberated from legal barriers and obstacles. 

While Colorado has a longstanding history of supporting reproductive rights and abortion access for our citizens, there is still work to be done on the state level to remove serious barriers to care and ensure abortion protections – for ALL.

That is why COLOR and our partners at Cobalt are driving legislation that will protect abortion for Coloradans: the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA)! While Colorado is known as a place where you can seek abortion care with few restrictions, Colorado doesn’t expressly protect abortion access if Roe were to fall. RHEA would affirm that reproductive rights are fundamental rights and would enshrine Colorado’s commitment to reproductive health freedom in law. We believe in justice and equity for all people, starting with the freedom to access abortion care without restrictions or shame. 

It is time for Colorado to support reproductive rights for all.

It is time for Colorado to ensure reproductive healthcare access for all.

It is time for Colorado to affirm that the fundamental right to abortion care is protected.

Is it time for Colorado to lead in this movement for #reproductiveaccess!

We ask you to join COLOR and Cobalt in supporting Coloradans’ fundamental rights to reproductive health care, including abortion, by signing on to this petition to pass RHEA in the 2022 legislative session!

25 Years of Reproductive Justice

On April 27, 2023, join us as we celebrate 25 years of Reproductive Justice in Colorado!

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