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Sample Comment for Public Charge

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Public Charge – help halt this harmful change by submitting your comment TODAY!

Trump’s proposed public charge rule change could force people to choose between needed public support and residency. It threatens the health and financial stability of immigrants. Learn more HERE and then join us in speaking out to protect families!

Check out the sample comment below and SUBMIT your comment. The comment period ends on December 10th.  Do not delay. Make your voice heard!


Each comment must be unique, so use this sample comment as a template and add in some personal reasons you are against this proposal.

“I am writing today to urge the Department of Homeland Security to immediately withdraw the change to the public charge rule.  Under this proposal, immigrants who access health care, safe housing, and healthy food programs would be targeted and could be denied entry or a change in status.  This would harm millions by undermining access to essential programs. We are beyond troubled. This is yet another attack by the administration on the wellbeing of immigrant families.  It is another example of pushing misguided agendas and playing political games with the lives of immigrants. We urge you to halt this harmful change.”


We need you to know that if you are someone whose residency would be threatened by this change, there is NO benefit to unenrolling from life-saving programs. The rule change is not retroactive.

After the Public Comment period ends, it can still take several months for the rule to be finalized. You can stay up to date on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please, submit your comment TODAY!