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Together, we can build a movement for reproductive justice. Become a volunteer!

By contributing your time, passion and talent we can turn your energy into action! Become a COLORistx today:

  • Do you love hosting a fun-filled bash? Have a knack for social justice themed dinner parties? Help us by hosting house parties and introduce your friends to reproductive justice. 
  • Does public policy get you fired up? Are base building, canvassing and door-knocking on your short list? Join our grassroots action team and help us connect with comunidad on important issues.
  • Are you tech-savvy and a social media devotee? Help us grow our digital engagement and share your ideas for successful and strategic online communications as well as creative, youthful design propositions.
  • Do you have more questions about being a COLORistx? Send us an email to Maria Ignacia Miranda Santis at mariaignacia@colorlatina.org


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