Press Release: Mitigating the Harm of Our Broken Immigration System

Mitigating the Harm of Our Broken Immigration System

 COLOR urges the complete overhaul of the way we treat immigrants in this country while urging state lawmakers to provide support to people in our state to reduce the pain caused by a flawed system.

(Denver, CO) – Statement by Karla Gonzales Garcia, Policy Director for the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) on the hearing on House Bill 1060, which provides an expedited timeline and improved process for an application for a U visa, which is intended to provide support for immigrants who have been the victim of a crime:

“Let’s be clear. The federal immigration process is flawed. It is not about ensuring basic human rights, respect and dignity. It is broken and causes incredible harm. It must be completely rebuilt – not just reformed – but until that happens we can at least try to mitigate the pain that is caused to people in our state. House Bill 1060 is a good first step.

A U visa is meant to provide help is someone has been the victim of crime and yet too often the way in which people experience trying to obtain one puts a survivor in a position where they are almost treated like a criminal, that has little clarity and can further traumatize people who are seeking support and protection. This bill helps to address some of the indignities of this process to ensure a timely response to applications.

We must do all we can to make sure that a piece of paper doesn’t determine how people are treated and that regardless of documentation all people in our state are protected and ensured basic health, rights and dignity.”


Karla Gonzales Garcia is available for interview upon request. 

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