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PRESS STATEMENT: COLOR statement on the Biden/Harris inauguration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 20, 2021 

Hannah Selwyn
Communications Manager

Women of Color Advocates Urge Bold, Decisive Actions from New Administration

COLOR celebrates the end of the Trump administration’s reign of terror and commits to pushing for bold action to meet the needs of our families.

(Denver, CO) – Statement by Dusti Gurule, Executive Director of Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) on the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:  

“The Latinx community, young people and so many who have traditionally been ignored or pushed aside by our government turned out in record numbers in November to pick new leaders who will care and legislate for all of us – not just the white and the wealthy. 

Today as we watch the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we are inspired.  We will watch a Latina Supreme Court Justice swear in a woman of color as Vice President, and know that across this country children will see themselves and know they can dream without limits. 

Today we celebrate a huge victory for the immigrant families who have lived in fear and for every person who has ever been shamed or stigmatized for having an abortion. Today we think of the people who have lost their job, home or loved one during the pandemic, and can find comfort knowing that decisions will be made based on science and public health.  

Today is about Black and Indigenous people and other communities of color who were disproportionately harmed by the Trump administration. Today our undocumented family members and friends can think ahead to a pathway towards citizenship, hopeful that a new day has come.

But our work does not end when the ceremonies of this occasion are over. As we move forward, we must challenge the new administration to take action —to be creative, innovative and bold to find solutions to systemic oppression.  

Tomorrow we move forward to ensure our most vulnerable communities can receive the support and full range of healthcare we need, including abortion. Tomorrow we continue to work for a more just world together! 

As we celebrate a new day, COLOR is committed to doing what we do best – leading from a place of love for our families and leveraging the collective strength of our community to push for real, lasting, positive change.  

We are grateful for the turning of the tide, but we know the work continues. Our power and safety have never been handed to us. It has always come from us –from our resistance and commitment to fight for what is ours. We will never stop fighting for our right to exist as we are, forge families that we love, and live in safe and liberated communities. Today we celebrate and tomorrow, we get back to work!” 


Dusti Gurule is available for interview upon request.