Get Out The Vote!

Voter Engagement

We know that voting is one of the most effective ways to make our voices heard. Nearly 22% of Coloradans identify as Latino and we account for 10% of all registered voters in the state. As one of the fastest growing voting blocs in the state, it’s important to flex our power and turnout to vote for our future, our community, and for those who can’t.

What To Know About Voting In Colorado:

  • You can register to vote any time up to and including Election Day
  • You can vote in person, by mail, or by dropping your mail ballot off
  • If you’re registered to vote at your current address at least one week before the election, you’ll automatically get a ballot in the mail.

Requirements To Vote:

  • Will be 18 years of age or older at the time of the election
  • Are a United States citizen
  • Have resided in Colorado 22 days immediately before the election you intend to vote in
  • Are not currently serving a sentence of confinement or detention for a felony conviction.

People experiencing homelessness can register to vote, too! Voters may use any address within a specific county that they regularly return to and have the intent to remain. This may include a homeless shelter, a homeless service provider, a park, a campground, a vacant lot, a business address, churches, or any other physical location.

If you or a loved one are done serving a sentence for a felony in Colorado, even if you are on probation or parole, you can still be eligible to vote! Visit for more information on voting with a record.

Check your registration status.

Register or update your voter registration.

How To Vote In Colorado Elections:

Ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters 22 days before an election.

Vote In Person

Every Coloradan has the option to vote in person rather than returning their mail ballot. You may vote in person at any Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) in your county. Find the closest VSPC to you by using the map below. 

Vote Your Mail Ballot

You can complete your mail ballot and either return it by mail or deposit it at a drop box or Voter Service & Polling Center (VSPC). Find the closest drop box or VSPC to you by using the map below. 

If you return your ballot via mail, make sure to affix postage. All ballots must be received by 7 PM on Election Day.

What You Can Do At A Voter Service And Polling Center (VSPC):

  • Register to vote or update your registration 
  • Vote in person 
  • Get a replacement ballot 
  • Drop off your mail ballot 

Elections in 2022

When our community votes, we’re voting for a future that’s more representative of us. There are two elections this year: a Primary Election on Tuesday, June 28th and a General Election on Tuesday, November 8th.

COLOR understands that not everyone in our communities are able to vote due to age or documentation status. Voting is one of the many tools we use, and every individual holds political power whether or not they can vote in the U.S.

Other voting resources for you and your loved ones:

  • In Colorado, you have the right to vote after you have served your sentence. Learn more about voting with past convictions.
  • If you have a disability and need support voting, learn more about your rights to cast your ballot.
  • Are you a student attending college away from home and need to know how you can still vote this June? Learn more about how to keep your registration in your hometown and vote by mail.

Reproductive Justice

Now more than ever.

It’s a deeply troubling time for Reproductive Justice. Join us in working towards equitable, stigma free, compassionate abortion and reproductive care by donating to COLOR today. 

Your gift goes directly towards the advocacy work that keeps Colorado an abortion safe state.