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[IN THE NEWS] Latino voters look to sway Colorado congressional races, ballot measures

Originally published on AXIOS on May 23, 2024

Context: The top issues for Latino voters include reducing inflation, addressing climate change, improving job opportunities, addressing gun violence and protecting access to abortion — all major issues for typical voters.

The intrigue: Dusti Gurule, president and CEO of Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, says a state measure enshrining abortion in the state’s constitution will drive Latino voter turnout.

  • Gurule, whose organization helped put the measure on the ballot and endorsed Caraveo for re-election, tells us the vote will provide a “tangible” way for people to impact thousands of people’s lives.

Between the lines: Newer Latino voters, who are largely younger, are 14% less likely to identify as Democrats than more established voters nationwide, according to UnidosUS, a national civil rights group.