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Press Release: Hearing on Innovative Contraception Bill

Hearing on Innovative Contraception Bill

(DENVER, CO) – Statement by Karla Gonzales Garcia, Policy Director of Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) on hearing in House Health & Insurance Committee for a contraceptive access bill:

“Senate Bill 9 is ambitious, forward-thinking, and the right thing to do. It builds on the legacy we have set forth as a state of working to close gaps in care, of being a place where all people are treated with respect, and of actively striving to advance racial and reproductive justice. This bill is such a huge step forward.

Today, the House Health & Insurance Committee is hearing a bill to make sure that immigration status and income do not determine who gets to care for themselves and their families and who gets to decide when they become parents. This bill would make clear that Colorado’s efforts to expand access to contraception will not leave some women behind simply based on a piece of paper or the type of insurance that they use.  

COLOR is proud to lead the campaign for this important bill. The ability to get the care we need is not just about our health. It impacts our economic situation and the ability to care for ourselves and our children. It has an effect on the long-term stability of our families and whether or not we are pushed into a cycle of poverty by the lack of options and decision-making power.

For undocumented women who are too often either demonized or ignored in our policymaking, Senate Bill 9 truly breaks new ground. We are thrilled to continue to push this important legislation and see it through until the governor signs it and this critical program is made available to Coloradans.” 


Karla Gonzales Garcia is available for interview upon request. 

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